co.lab is an accelerator that works with startups leveraging the power of digital games to build transformative educational technologies for PK-12 students and teachers. Our model is built upon a belief in the need for innovation in education, and in games’ potential to enhance learning – by creating virtual sandboxes that encourage experimentation and engagement, offering new opportunities for collaborative interactions, and unlocking new ways to assess cognitive and social growth. Our program is designed to add value to early stage edtech companies while generating knowledge that will help designers, educators, researchers and funders better understand challenges and opportunities related to developing high quality learning games and applications.


co.lab’s primary offering is a four-month product accelerator based in San Francisco, California, focused on helping promising edtech startups improve and successfully scale their product(s). Participating companies receive a stipend of up to $50,000, desk space in co.lab’s offices, and most importantly access to tools, best practices, and hands-on advisory and mentorship from our mentor network – which includes best-in-class game industry professionals, entrepreneurs, educators and venture capitalists. Drawing upon the resources of our founding partners, we’re creating opportunities for developers to build, test and distribute great products to millions of students and teachers worldwide.

To learn more about the co.lab experience and the value we provide to companies, please visit our program page.



Friends of co.lab

NewSchools Venture Fund is one of the original co-founders of co.lab. Additionally, we work with a wide range of leading research, learning games and educational organizations to support our companies. Collaborators include, but are not limited to:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is co.lab’s focus?

co.lab is designed to support the development of high-quality educational technologies that improve academic and social outcomes for PK-12 students using the power of games. co.lab works with cohorts of promising startup companies to accelerate their products. Our program strengthens these companies’ products by sharing best practices, tools and expertise, as well as by providing access to critical feedback from students and educators.

How do teams apply to co.lab?

We are no longer accepting applications for the program.